Patron Tequila Custom Engraved & Personalized Look-alike Label Bottle Decanter

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Want your gift to be the hit of the party? This Patron Tequila bottle/decanter is a work of art and the ultimate gift for a tequila lover! You can fully customize this Patron look-alike label and make it your own with up to 4 lines (see instructions below) and you can include a personal message on the back.

Professionally engraved, this decanter is made from an authentic 750 ml Patron Tequila bottle. This gift will last forever and will be used over and over again!

Liquor is not included. It is intended that you will fill the bottle with Patron Tequila.

Handcrafted in Washington. Hand washing recommended. Although we thoroughly wash the bottle inside and out before we ship it to you, always wash it before using.

Click on the "Personalization Instructions" tab to view personalization instructions.


Under the "product options" section, choose either "Front only" or "Front and Back". 

Indicate by line what you want for the front personalization. (See 3rd picture for what each line is and will look like.) We will select the fonts used on the front for the Patron look-alike label.  You will choose the font on the back for your message if you selected "front & back" personalization.

Line 1: (text) [limited to 10 characters]
Line 2: (text) [limited to two words / 15 characters]
Line 3: (number) [limited to 10 characters] (longer names may not have Patron "shading")
Line 4: (text) [limited to 15 characters] 
If you selected the "front & back" personalization option, then select the font you want used for your personal message on the back. See picture #2 for examples of fonts available. If no font is chosen, "Times" style font will be used for the back.
Back personalization is limited to 3 lines / 10 characters each line or a logo/image. Please contact me for any special accommodation. Please make sure your spelling, capitalization, spacing, and punctuation are exact.

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