Makers Mark Whisky Customized Look-alike Label Bottle-Decanter

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Just the ticket for that hard to shop for Maker's Mark lover. This Maker's Mark bottle is a work of art and is the ultimate gift for a Maker's Mark lover! You can fully customize the Maker's Mark look-alike label and make it your own with up to 4 lines (see instructions below) and you can include a personal message on the back.

Made from a genuine 1 liter Marker's Mark Bourbon Whisky bottle. (liquor not included). Because it's intended to be refilled over and over again, we call it a bottle-decanter. Each bottle is professionally engraved by a Master engraver and will never wear off.

Handcrafted in Washington. Hand washing recommended. Although we thoroughly wash the bottle inside and out before we ship it to you, always wash it before using.


  • Custom engraved front label personalized with your name in place of "Makers" using the same font.
  • An optional personalized message on the back of the bottle - read & follow Personalization Instructions below
  • Made from genuine Markers Mark bottle. Cap is included.
  • Alcohol not included, but you can add your own when you receive it. We can also make a special custom order. Just let us know what you want!

Under the "product options" section, choose either "Front only" or "Front and Back". 

Indicate by line what you want for the front personalization. (See 3rd picture for what each line is and will look like.)

Line 1: (text) [Limited to 10 characters
Line 2: (text) [limited to 10 characters
Line 3: (number) [limited to 2 characters].
Line 4: (text) [ limited to 15 characters. 
Back personalization is limited to 3 lines / 10 characters each line or a logo/image. Please contact me for any special accommodation. Please make sure your spelling, capitalization, spacing, and punctuation are exact. Fonts used will be as they are in the example unless otherwise specified. 

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